We are proud of the world-wide record of performance that our systems deliver year after yearas well as our outstanding record of product engineering & quality, technical support, customer service and the “beyond the call of duty” reputation we have established with our clients over the years.

In 2003, Hunter Marine offered our systems on their 420, 456 and 466 yacht models for their winter sales program. Hunter's decision to select us was based on our record of not one registered complaint in the almost 10 years that they have recommended our products!


Not every yacht needs a tower with a leveling feature. Cruisers do not generally sail on excessive heeling angles. Many modern yachts sail much "flatter" than yachts of older design. Also, other accessories are being mounted on towers these days. Simply stated, it is the easiest method of installing antennas on a yacht.

Here is some information to help with your decision-making process:
— RA6 —

A simple 6' tall pole with a fixed plate for mounting radar only.

We also make the RA6 in a round plate version to accept a KVH tracphone antenna.

— RA8 —

A simple 8' tall pole with a fixed plate for mounting radar only.

— — — — — —
Please note that the RA6 and the RA8 are not made with tubing reinforced in the lower area (for RA10/MD motor hoist option), but the option is available. Simply request at ordering time and we will be happy to include it. There will be an additional charge for this option.
— — — — — —

— RA10 —

Radar tower 10' overall, with radome mount 8' above the base mount.

This is the unit shown on the web site. It is manufactured with the 1" tubing surrounding the radome. The tubing surround provides sufficient clearance to mount any radar. It has enough clearance above to tuck in a TV antenna and the 1" tubing of the "surround" allows GPS and VHF antennas to be mounted above both TV and radar. This unit has manual leveling capability. How? You simply spin a hand wheel to level the radome - it just takes seconds.

— RA10/MD —

This is the motor hoist addition to any one of Ocean Marine's towers.

The RA10 is manufactured with tubing that is reinforced for the lower 4'. This ensures that the motor hoist will not cause bending of the tower even if the tower is clamped to a very low stern rail. The hoist arm has a 32" reach and the arm is removable by simply lifting it out of its sockets. The RA10/MD will fit any 2" pole such as wind generator poles. Aluminum poles should have a rubber gasket placed inbetween the stainless and the aluminum to prevent galvanic action.

Depending on the rigidity of your yacht's rail or any other issues that might cause movement including the amount of weight aloft might require one or possibly two bracing struts. These are not included in base prices.

If you think you may need additional supports, please call for assistance.