All of our products are engineered using the design philosophy "I sure wouldn't want that to happen on my boat." rather than "Well, that's not going to happen - so let's not plan for it." and constructed to the highest standards in the industry. We take pride in the quality and durability of our products.

Some of our construction features are:

* Manufactured from T316 Low Carbon marine stainless tubing for the longest life and durability so that you can enjoy years of trouble free boating.

* A main tube that has a 1-1/4" diameter and a .120" (11 ga.) wall thickness with auxiliary tubes that have a 1-1/4" diameter and a .065" (16 ga.) wall thickness - which makes them the strongest in the industry. (Because we don't want your dinghy to go into the water when you don't want it to.)

* Precision welded throughout using state-of-the-art welding and inspection processes PLUS all welds are fully polished to help eliminate stress and corrosion start points.

* UHMW plastic rail bushings and special nylon washers on rail brackets to eliminate rattling.

* An adjustable rail mount design that features v-bolts which cannot slip even in heavy seas yet have no metal-to-metal contact — a feature that is unique and one that helps provide the longest product life in the industry while also protecting your boat.




This system has been engineered to offer the most in strength, appearance and performance.
Some of the features include:

* Easy one-afternoon installation giving factory perfect strength and appearance.

* Manufactured in three heights, allowing installation on boats with any height stern rail.

* Full range of spacers, mounts and brackets for hard-to-fit models of any make.

* Base mount is a "universal joint"-allows installation on a surface of any angle.

* Tubular strut system is the strongest transverse support system in the industry.

* Each davit static tested to 450 lbs. to withstand pounding motion at sea.

* System is rated to easily handle a safe working load of 350 lbs.

* Adjustable reach to 47".

* Brand name 4:1 or optional 6:1 blocks designed for 3/8" rope.

* Four welded stainless steel cleats included on davits.


* Custom-made slings to fit your dinghy-included!

* Thirty-day unconditional money back guarantee! (Shipping costs excluded.)

* One-year no hassle warranty!

Other Options Included:

* Connecting strut kits (one or two) to join the struts together. This increases transverse support and provides a mounting platform for solar panels.

* Spliced yacht braid rope available in a choice of colors.

* 6:1 tackle for one or both sides.

* Spacers and special mount that make difficult installations a breeze.

* 1-1/4" rail kit if yacht has this size rail.

* Cable stability kits-an easy solution to stiffen stern rail.